Manufacturer's representative for Heuresis Corporation x-ray inspection equipment for 
MA, ME, NH, CT, VT and NY.

HBI-120 Handheld X-Ray Imager
- Detects concealed explosives, narcotics, cash, weapons in walls, vehicles, bags

-6.6 lbs.

-120 keV  x-ray generator that makes a raster-scanning pencil beam of x-rays to scan an object
-Single sided, one person operation to allow imaging in difficult to reach spots.
 -Scan up to a square foot per second and immediately see high-contrast backscatter xray images of concealed threats.
- On board Camera and Flashlight

- Bluetooth / Wi-Fi

- Operating Conditions 40 °C (–40 °F) to  60 °C (140 °F). Splash and dust proof

HBI-120 hand held back scatter x-ray imager 


Pb200i XRF lead paint analyzer

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HBI-120 portable backscatter x-ray imager

Pb200i XRF lead paint analyzer


PO BOX 2145
Framingham, MA 01701, USA
(508) 333-7820 main phone

-Color Touchscreen Display
-Android Operating System
-Integral Camera
-Bluetooth Connectivity
-USB port with cable

-Positive or Negative determination versus the Action Level of 1.0mg lead/cm2, with 2  sigma confidence, with a measurement time of 1 to 2 nominal seconds on most samples

-Detailed data collection and identification of test surfaces
-Automatic calibration after each analysis

-Operates on rechargeable or disposable AA batteries
Hot swappable batteries
   (unit stays powered during battery change)